November 20th to 24th 2017, an international training was held in Pisa, Italy. Societa Cooperativa A.FO.RI.S.MA., hosted representatives from the project’s target groups –  disabled people – , as well as trainers from Poland, Spain and France. The week lasting workshops were organized in the library of the Capuchins convent among historic volumes. The topic of the training was related to the pilot testing element, which included the evaluation of four initial versions of each project results, i.e. two guides and associated e-learning courses. Participants evaluated: ” Guide how to mentor not able bodied persons for developing inclusive entrepreneurship” and ” Guide for not able bodied persons on developing their own business or consultancy”, as well as e-courses on the same subject. Individual training sessions allowed for the exchange of opinions between participants from different countries and discussion on issues related to the development of inclusive entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurship of people with disabilities, and the proposal to address specific life problems that must be overcome by people who are not physically fit to start their own business. Thanks to group work, we have been able to prepare many interesting proposals for improving the results of the project. Apart from effective training work, workshop participants had the opportunity to explore the city and the surrounding areas, which was possible thanks to beautiful and sunny weather.