As a disabled person I like to help other people with disabilities and that is why since 1998 I have been working at POPON, an organization of employers of disabled people. I organize training for employers and sheltered workplaces on the employment of disabled people, subsidies for employers, labor law, etc. At the same time, people with disabilities can come to us for all kinds of information and advice on employment and setting up their own business.

However, my biggest motivation in my work is the contact with people, helping the disabled and also the entrepreneurs who employ people with disabilities. Disability does not interfere with achieving successes in social and professional life. POPON organizes a competition for Employers Socially Sensitive “Icebreakers”. Many people have been involved in its development for many years, combining a common goal – overcoming stereotypes and prejudices related to the employment of disabled people. The statuette is awarded every year to employers, institutions and organizations creating appropriate working conditions for people with disabilities. The Competition Jury have awarded companies open to employing disabled people, exceptional employers, people involved and promoting disabled employees.