For 10 years I used to work as a manager in Vocational Activation Center, but to the age and deterioration of health, I decided to end this stage of life. Therefore, with 5 women, who were prepared at this Center to work on the open market, we decided to start a women’s company specializing in catering. We have 4 points of sale.

I am still their mentor, since they require support because of their learning difficulties, but they are much bolder, more confident and can earn better. These women must have clearly defined tasks, explained in simple language. They work shorter hours, have longer holidays and require more patience.

Any changes on the work position need appropriate preparation, conversations or even care, because they react with severe stress, abdominal pain or headaches. Every day at work they are extremely involved, even devoted, honest and care about our image, so customers approach them with great cordiality. They have greater sensitivity to other people.

They help our clients sometimes beyond the “scope of responsibilities” when someone older or a child comes in. I want to emphasize that life brings us different sensations, bad, inevitable, like diseases, but it gives us the chance to use them properly, be prepared and have a lot of courage and strong mobilization. There is potentially a great power in almost every human being. Sometimes the right human being is needed for her liberation.