The fifth and final partnership meeting in the WOT project was held in Paris by Association for the Development of the Pedagogy of Individualization.

The two day meeting, January 16-17, was divided into a few sessions. First the meeting participants reviewed project implementation, including the progress in task completion by each Partner. Then outputs number one and two were summarized with their final review. The next session was devoted to summaries of the third and fourth outputs with their final review. After lunch came time for reviewing and planning dissemination and exploitation of project results. Some time was also devoted to the planning of multiplier events and distribution of tips on how to organize, as well as document the events. Final parts of day one included indicators of project monitoring and evaluation.

Day two started with project management topics, including administrative and financial matters. Afterwards, the requirements and work division in respect of the final report was presented by the project coordinator, CWEP. Then the remaining project activities were discussed and planned. The meeting closed with a Q&A session.