Inclusive entrepreneurship is a concept of inclusion of disadvantaged social groups on labour market, such as women, minorities or people with physical disability (PWD). This inclusion is based on the use of competences and skills of those people to help them reach their goals, mostly business, among others – to start their own business.

Inclusive entrepreneurship is the opposite of social exclusion, hence the great importance of projects supporting the development of this concept.
The main aim of WOT project is to promote inclusive entrepreneurship, with respect to PWD, by developing a methodology based on job shadowing, mentoring and coaching. The project is dedicated for PWD willing to become entrepreneurs or free lancers, as well as for entrepreneurs and freelancers without a disability who could act as mentors.
In this project, Partners plan to:

  1. Develop the guide in the field of inclusive entrepreneurship development for mentors of PWD,
  2. Prepare the e-learning course for mentors of PWD,
  3. Develop the guide in the field of developing own business for PWD,
  4. Prepare the e-learning course for PWD in this field.